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A About uno x cuatro

We are a group of professionals trained in design, animation and programming. We believe that interdisciplinary work allows us to obtain the best result in our communication pieces. We are located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, Turin, Italy and Vienna, Austria.


L Timeline

  • Started unoxcuatro.com.ar in (2009)

    Date : 29 - Jun - 2009

    unoxcuatro is founded and we start by opening our presence on the internet with our site.

  • Acresgroup (2011)

    Date : 19 - May - 2011

    We designed the Acresgroup company site http://acresgroup.com.ar

  • Alejandro Aranda Rickert (2012)

    Date : 15 - Jul - 2012

    We started working on the artist's site http://arandarickert.com.ar/

  • Manos Rebeldes (2013)

    Fecha : 10 - Jul - 2013

    We add to our servers the hosting of the website of the Argentine brand Manos Rebeldes http://manosrebeldes.com.ar

  • Elearning Spanish (2014)

    Date : 11 - Ago - 2014

    We inaugurated the learning site under Moodle platform http://elearningspanish.com.ar/

  • Alatur (2015)

    Date : 20 - Jan - 2015

    ALATUR is a non-profit civil association whose main objective is the development of tourism in rural and community areas http://alatur.org/

  • Matices Te en Hebras (2016)

    Date : 12 - Oct - 2016

    We designed the Matices company site http://maticesteenhebras.com.ar/

  • Manos Argentinas (2017)

    Date : 07 - Jun - 2017

    We design and add to our servers the hosting of the Manos Argentinas factory website http://manosargentinas.com

  • Vallverdu Design (2017)

    Date : 10 - Jul - 2017

    We designed the Vallverdu Design company site http://vallverdudesign.com

  • Raices Tienda Saludable (2018)

    Date : 08 - Ene - 2018

    We design and inaugurate the online store

  • Spanish Immersion en Colon (2018)

    Date : 07 - Feb - 2018

    under construction - coming soon !! http://spanishimmersionencolon.com/

  • Bungalows Teresita, Colón Entre Ríos(2018)

    Date : 26 - Jun - 2018

    under construction - coming soon !! http://bungalowsteresitacoloner.com.ar/

  • Raices Bio Store (2019)

    Date : 06 - Sep - 2019

    We design and inaugurate the online store of http://raicesbiostore.com.ar/


We are graphic designers and we will help you design a strong, recognizable and unique brand. Both for companies and entrepreneurs. These are the services we offer:.


Social Media Management

Instagram Facebook Twitter Google+ Linkedin , with our Community Manager services increase your sales and make your brand known on the Internet.


Online Store

Sell your products or services online, accept credit card payments and many other methods, all integrated, easy and fast.


Web Design

Design and development of web pages in html + css with animations. Update and maintenance of sites. Animation of logos, intros. Banners and web advertising. Newsletters Flyers / Mailing.


@Logo Design

@We have a lot of experience in the design and redesign of logos for all types of businesses. We transmit your philosophy and values through a serious and professional image!


Graphic Design

Corporate Identity: Logo. Institutional stationery. Banners. Advertising Design: Brochures. Flyers. Posters. Editorial Design: Manuals. Catalogs Newspapers and Magazines


Audiovisual and multimedia content

Video edition. Motion Graphics. Animation frame by frame. Promotional videos of services and products. Presentations for events.

N & E Our Team

We are a design group located in Buenos Aires, Argentina, in Turin, Italy and in Vienna, Austria. We have been creating beautiful websites, launching impressive brands and making our customers very happy for years.


Web / Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer, received at the University of Architecture, Design and Urbanism (UBA). With more than 10 years of experience Gaby has participated in different design projects: logos creation, corporate identity, web design, catalogs, design for social networks, infographics, packaging.


Web / Graphic Designer


Community Manager

dedicated to the generation of content in social networks, the meticulous analysis of the online presence of brands and the creation of effective digital marketing campaigns to improve customer sales. He has been dedicated to Web programming since 2001.


Community Manager


Graphic Designer

Graphic designer, received at the University of Buenos Aires, School of Architecture, Design and Urbanism. She works in assembling drawings for negatives in a textile. Brand Design and Corporate Identity.


Graphic Designer


Image and Sound Designer

Image and Sound Designer UBA (2002) and film director of animation at the Film Institute of Avellaneda (2004) Enthusiast of animation in its different formats, he has worked for film, television and animation for the web.


Image and Sound Designer

P Portfolio

These are some of our jobs and clients who have trusted us.

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